Our Members and Co-ops in the Valley


Celebrate cooperatives in our valley all year long and nationwide during the month of October! National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build communities. Each year a theme is determined and co-ops are encouraged to use the theme and logo in their communication and outreach activities.

Co-op Month is a chance to leverage our shared cooperative identity in the face of some of the biggest challenges we face: a global pandemic, climate emergency and systemic racism. As we continue to build an economy that works for everyone, our biggest impact comes from embracing the values and principles that make us truly unique. The Valley Co-operative Business Association was established by a group of food co-ops, worker co-ops and a credit union to make our co-ops more visible, to advance our region’s co-operative economy and to make the benefits of co-operation more available in our community. Go Co-op!

VCBA Members

A VCBA Co-op Social held at Artisan Beverage Co-op.

Valley Co-ops

Our Connecticut River Valley is already home to a vibrant community of co-operative enterprises, many being a part of our effort to build a thriving co-operative economy in our region, including: