Co-operatives exist for people to work together to enrich and improve their lives and their communities. Our region features producer, worker, consumer and secondary co-operatives that are communicating and practicing the co-operative advantage. Co-ops have been resilient in the current recession, preserving jobs, economic infrastructure and community wealth. Using the co-operative model people can share resources to gain greater access and control over food, finances and housing. Co-ops secure employment, build community and market products being guided by our shared principles, allowing members to live according to their values.


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A well deserved recognition for a great valley co-op! Truly embraced the co-oprenuer spirit! ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations PV Squared Winners of the 2017 Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Go Co-op Valley! Have a great mini-tour talking about secondary co-ops (like us!) in California! ... See MoreSee Less

We're excited for our next event in San Luis Obisbo at San Luis Obispo Guild Hall on May 6. We hope to see you there!