Co-operatives exist for people to work together to enrich and improve their lives and their communities. Our region features producer, worker, consumer and secondary co-operatives that are communicating and practicing the co-operative advantage. Co-ops have been resilient in the current recession, preserving jobs, economic infrastructure and community wealth. Using the co-operative model people can share resources to gain greater access and control over food, finances and housing. Co-ops secure employment, build community and market products being guided by our shared principles, allowing members to live according to their values.


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2 weeks ago

Valley Co-operative Business Association

#GoCoop with Green Living Journal's Co-op Corner column!Check out the latest Green Living Journal for Erbin L. Crowell’s #Coop Corner story on Organic Valley’s Art of Co-operating, updates from Real Pickles & Monadnock Food Co-op, and more! ... See MoreSee Less